WICS Game Jam

September 15th-17th, 2017
LSU Digital Media Center


48 hours

The Women in Computer Science Game Jam is an event that takes place from Friday, September 15th at 5PM to Sunday, September 17th at 6PM. You have 48 hours to create a video game, and like most game jams, this means staying overnight (or as late as you can!) to finish your game. Game jams are intense, exciting, and a ton of fun!

create video games

You can create any kind of game you want, and we're going to announce a theme the day of the event to provide inspiration. WICS wants to help you earn game development, team dynamic, and project experience from this event. You do not need game development experience, but experience in coding, art, or music helps! We recommend you use GameMaker if you don't already have experience in any relevant skills. There will also be tutorials on fast game development provided the day of the event.

who can participate

This event is hosted by Women in Computer Science at LSU, but college and high school students of any gender can participate. Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a chaperone the whole time they are present at the jam site. You can come with or without a team- we'll match you up with people if you don't have one already! We also need volunteers to help out the day of the event. Register below if you're interested in participating or volunteering!


Friday, September 15th, 3:00PM: Tutorials Begin

Friday, September 15th, 5:00PM: Jam begins

View our full schedule here.


WICS Game Jam 2015

Two years ago we held our first ever Game Jam and it was a huge success! We had roughly 70 participants, 30+ volunteers, 7 judges, and 6 sponsors. Sponsors had booths at the game jam where students got free swag and networked with top companies. We served breakfast, lunch and dinner which consisted of Chik-Fil-A catering, jambalaya, pizza, and a bunch of snacks to keep the participants fueled. All of the teams who participated created successful games(you can download a few of the games below to check them out!). It was an amazing experience for game developers and code lovers in South Louisiana and we can't wait to share more wonderful experiences with you all again this year!


Before I Wake (Best Overall Winner)

The winner of Best Overall, Before I Wake, is available on Dropbox for Windows and for Mac!

Asleep at the Wheel

Game created by Will Anderson (programming/art) and Jonathan Belaire (Music/Sound effects).

Super! Kanga Reauxster

Game created by Shady Tree; source and assets freely available on Github.

Une Petite Aventure (Best Art Winner)

Game created by Team Ghost Garden.

Sara Croft: Enter the SandMan

Game created by Team Carve.